Spires Technical Publications Services mission is to provide Aerospace industries a widespread engineering service offerings to support their publication life cycle. Spires Engineering provide end to end publication support for aerospace industries.

Our systematic and progressive approach to the requirement, development, publishing and maintenance of documentation is leveraged by industrial experts and Technology consultants.Our Technical Publications group enhances customers objectives by providing aerospace industry expertise, proven technologies and information security management.

A highly skilled, versatile and responsive work force adheres and meets customer commitments. Aerospace Technical Publications Offerings Spires’s Technical Publications services include Technical Authoring, Technical Illustration, Legacy Data conversion, Data validation, Translation and Publishing for the Commercial & Defense industry adhering to the industry wide standards such as ATA 100, ATA-iSpec 2200, S1000d, ASD STE, Def Stan and MIL  Spires provides technical publication support to create new and revise all types of aircraft documentation.

Technical Authoring

Excellence in technical authoring intends the incorporation of engineering/airline/maintenance source documents to the right places of the manual using the most appropriate tools to effectively convey information and content creation. Our right mix of technical authors with domain specific knowledge and expertise in technical authoring tools such as Arbor text (Epic Editor), OEM Authoring systems, Adobe Framemaker (+ sgml) structured/unstructured, Xml, Quick silver (Interleaf) and MS word intend a quality rich output to the customer deliverables.

Technical Illustration
Experienced illustrators support the technical authors using illustration tools such as Isodraw, Corel Designer, Adobe Illustrator, Canvas, AutoCad, Adobe Photoshop, ProE,  olidworks and Catia V5 to create, revise the arts thereby adding value to the written content and enhancing compatibility of the manual. Output format of the arts are based on industry standard and customer specific..

Legacy Data Conversion
As many organizations interface with various legacy systems in different formats posing risks to raising business needs, it becomes imperative to have a centralized repository with a consistent and secured data. Conversion and maintenance of legacy data integrates Spires’s technology expertise.

Data Validation
As Aerospace industry recommends authentic information to be conveyed for customers around the globe, it needs the data to be validated thoroughly at various stages in the process. Since a manual is incorporated with lot of engineering source documents, a robust review mechanism by SME’s involved in the process identifies and highlights the drawbacks thereby resulting in a reliable output. Data validation becomes an integral part of Information life cycle.

Spires provides translation services to a variety of languages. We work closely with mother tongue translators and proof readers to ensure the best possible output.

Publishing, being a vital output process for the customer is delivered on various types of media such as CD – highly portable form, Paper, pdf – standard electronic form, and web – secured access.

Total customer commitment Total ownership of the program in a short span of time Top line program management Flexible and optimized program resources Best-in class quality and information security management.

Key Differentiators
Techpub specialists with wide aerospace industry experience Optimized Total Cost of Operation.

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