Seats, Meets and Fleets

Seats, Meets and Fleets

Seats, Meets and Fleets

This week we will be discussing how the services offered by Spires Engineering can relate to your experiences. Ranging from Luxury seat designs to effective commercial arrangements.

Seats, they are an integral part of any journey, whether it be the passenger, the pilots or the cabin crew. Therefore, getting the appropriate seating arrangements is important. We’ve been working on different design configurations to get the most out of the space on a Bombardier – BD700 1A10 looking at how to open up the space to give a more social and airy feel to the cabin. Journeys in such aircraft also include meetings, introducing new features to the cabin can really help with giving passengers a better area to communicate compared the standard seating arrangements, to provide the best possible feel to the cabin. VIP’s may like to take time out and relax, the windows are a fundamental part of any seating arrangement, giving that clean, airy feel and astonishing views springs huge appeal to passengers. Here at Spires we look to provide modifications with bespoke designs and high-quality trims and finishing.

The structure and the balance of weight of the aircraft are also affected, re-arranging and adding new innovative designs also means a movement of weight distribution on the aircraft. This is where our expertise comes in, with our EASA and FAA approvals we’re able to make modifications safely and within regulations.

When it comes to commercial airlines, simplicity is key. Keeping with that is crucial to creating an enticing environment for passengers ranging from first-class, business-class to economy seating. Having a well thought out seating arrangement with good quality seats allows for relaxing, networking and working. Airline seating can differ from luxury airlines to budget airlines, therefore creating seating that can be well maintained as well as allowing for as many passengers to travel safely and comfortably. Furthermore, we’re able to manage and look after your fleet, providing repairs and modifications to suit your taste.

At Spires, we aim to push the boundaries of what can be done to enhance customer experience to make the most out of their travels.

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