Modifications – large Aircraft

  • Certification – Large Aircraft
    – Cabin Layout (LOPA) Changes
    – Emergency equipment changes
    – Seat installations
    – Lavatory Installations
    – Galley Installations
    – Crew rest installations
    – Stretcher installation
    – Medical leg-rest installations
    – Cargo loading equipment protection panel
    – installations
    – Cabin modifications
    – Iberia A340 (Lights,  cable routing for new
    – positioned and modified stowage LED)

Modifications – Minor Mods

  • Certification Minor Mods
    – Dress cover changes
    – Curtain changes
    – Carpet and NTF changes
    – Seat belt colour changes
    – Galley equipment changes
    – Magazine rack installation
    – Soap dispenser installation
    – Partitions installation for KLM
    – PAX door insulation blanket installations

Modifications – External markings

  • Certification – External Markings
  • Cabin Components Such As:

– Escutcheons
– Table and cup holders
– Video Shrouds
– With optimized design and interfaces
– To save weight
– To reduce the probability and rate of damages

Components Such As:

– External Markings, placards
and decals
– External marketing decals
– Internal marketing decals
– Owner data plates
– Various seat parts acc. Customer requirement

Modifications – Certifications IFE

  • Design Engineering

– Certification and Installation

– Support IFE  Inflight entertainment installation IFE

– Removal of Electrical Change USB Power installation

– ISPSS Power installation (In seat power supply system)

– KID System Astronics EFPMS Installation (Self-illumination Emergency floor path marking system)

– LHT Noise reduced headset installation

– CAM & FAP changes/modifications ELA  Electrical load analysis services Programming of ELT

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