Location of Passenger Accommodations

Location of Passenger Accommodations

Location of Passenger Accommodations (LOPA), also known as Aircraft Interior Configuration Document, is an engineering diagram of the interior cabin of an Aircraft. This includes, but is not limited to, Seats (passenger and flight attendants), Galleys, Exits, Emergency Equipment, Lavatories and much more. A LOPA certifies the interior components and installations, also visually showing customers or engineers through the interior design/layout.

LOPA’s are an important part when organising the interior design within a cabin, as it clearly highlights existing details as well as allowing for new and improved designs to be discovered, they can be manipulated to suit any customer or business needs. A prime example of this was seen by low-cost airline IndiGo where they maximised profits by changing the LOPA design on their new A320 Neo’s. The A320 Neo’s seating capacity is 180 seats, however, by squeezing out every little area of space and changing the LOPA configuration IndiGo were able to offer a staggering 186 seats, maximising profits where they can, although they maintained the seat pitching between 28/29, I wouldn’t like to be sat in any of those extra seats! But it does show good designs can unitise space.

This is what we are able to do at Spires engineering, by designing and modifying LOPA’s we are able to welcome customer ideas and modifications they would like on their aircraft ranging from, privately owned aircraft to commercial aircraft. LOPA manipulation is a key part of the design process that not only implements new ideas but also ensures the engineering side of this is taken care of, such as equal weight distribution or seat pitching. We are able to provide alternative LOPA’s as well as flexible seat dimensions giving customers the freedom to customise their aircraft to suit their needs and tastes. With our EASA Part 21 J Certification, we are able to execute these ideas with professionalism.

Many passengers, especially on commercial aircraft, have always complained about the amount of space, i.e. leg room, or the dull looking Galley’s as they enter the aircraft. Although airlines try to maximise profits by cutting on expenses, like the dull galley’s and compact seating, customers are finally being heard. Due to the flexibility of LOPA’s, stunning concepts have been made to open up space and shake up the whole seating arrangement. Designers have been experimenting with staggered seating giving that extra legroom but keeping the same number of seats. Other designs see cabin interiors adopting a more social seating arrangement, which includes a large table shared between four seats (something seen on trains, not planes). There are still limitations to designs as they have to pass the 8G and 16G testing in order to be made. However, there may be more exciting times on the horizon in terms of cabin interiors, which would make flying with airlines more enjoyable. That being said the LOPA arrangement on more premium cabins have been exceptional, the first class and business class cabins offered by Etihad have been groundbreaking, maybe some of this can be applied to the economy class as well? Especially on those low-cost airlines. Thankfully our designers are able to produce just that as well, they strive to innovate and push boundaries to cater for all needs.

With Spires, we aim to make every flight enjoyable by meeting your needs and surpassing your expectations, we aim to achieve this by offering a complete service from our innovative designers and engineers, creating Seats, Galley’s and LOPA’s to managing your aircraft with our Asset management team to maintaining the longevity and technology of your aircraft with our CAMO services. We aim to give customers the flexibility to meet their wishes and desires and let us take care of the hassle and paperwork.

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