Keeping in the skies…..Airworthiness

Keeping in the skies…..Airworthiness

This week we are looking at Airworthiness and why it is so important.

An integral part of the operation of an aircraft is airworthiness and is vital when seeking a certification which rules the aircraft safe to fly. Airworthiness is the ability of an aircraft, or other airborne systems, to function and operate correctly during flight and on the ground without posing a significant hazard to aircrew, ground crew, passengers or to third parties.

The term airworthy, is used to describe an aircraft that has met two conditions, these are:

  1. The aircraft is in accordance with Commission Regulation (EC) No 1321/2014 (Annex I, M.A.301 for EASA regulations). Conformity to type design is considered attained when the aircraft configuration and the components installed are consistent with the drawings, specifications, and other data that are part of the EC, which includes any supplemental type certificates (STC) and field approved alterations incorporated into the aircraft.
  1. The aircraft must be in a condition for safe operation. This refers to the condition of the aircraft relative to wear and deterioration, for example, skin corrosion, window delamination/crazing, fluid leaks, and tire wear. (FAA, 2019).

It is important that this certification, whether it may be EASA approvals or FAA approvals, along with the two conditions, mentioned above, are met. Otherwise, the aircraft cannot fly or is deemed un-airworthy. Airworthiness then is crucial to ensure your aircraft is fit to fly. Spires Engineering is able to offer Airworthiness services that ease the stresses of the uncertainties of unsafe flight. Our engineers along with our CAMO team and Asset management team are able to provide detailed care and maintenance to your aircraft to ensure it can be used anytime anywhere without the hassle of paperwork and confidence that your aircraft is safe to fly.

If an aircraft is un-airworthy it can cause a lot of problems and disruptions, a grounded aircraft is not only a missed opportunity but also a loss. In the aviation industry, time spent on the ground is money lost, aircraft are meant for flying and that is what we promote at Spires. The time an aircraft is grounded can be managed and calculated, which our Asset management team handle. We plan regular maintenance and checks to guarantee that aircraft continued airworthiness is kept.

In a previous post, it was mentioned that the safety of aircraft has risen dramatically in recent years, airworthiness is a part of this. As checks and maintenance have to be carried out more regularly and with the implementation of new technologies, parts of an aircraft can have an estimated life, which makes it easier to schedule in maintenance. Furthermore, systems are put into place to detect failures that may occur while the aircraft is on the ground. This not only speeds up the process but gives technicians precise readings for them to accurately stop the cause of the issue.

More information about the Airworthiness services Spires Engineering offer, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss any queries you may have – the USA: 001 612 638 2920 or UK 01865 9100296

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