During your Engineering Peaks, Spires is able to assist your team in developing Interface Load reports through our Finite Element Analysis software Nastran/Patran, Abacas and Ansys, as well the ability to perform hand calculations to proof the derived Software solution. We are your extended arm in assisting you to meet your objectives within a very competitive aerospace sector!

Our Finite Element Analysis team can assist you from creating a mesh analysis study, Fatigue and damage tolerance components using Nastran, Patran, Abacus and Ansys to produce a full interface load report.

Through our Finite Element Analysis knowledge-based team, which has extensive years of experience in FEA for Aircraft structural components be it for Primary or Secondary Structures we have a full ‘24hr around the clock capability’’ to support your daily needs.

We can produce detailed Finite element models for component assemblies, providing full static and fatigue analysis:

Linear and non-linear static modal and dynamic analysis, fatigue failure prediction, stress concentrations, Max strain, and Bearing Post-buckling.

Typical Interface Load reports that have been completed by Spires Engineering Consultancy team are:

  1. Aircraft Metallic Rib design
  2. Composite Spar
  3. Aircraft Sandwich Panel
  4. Composite Flap Track Fairing
  5. Cabin Interiors i.e, Monuments, Gallies, and Seating design

Compatible file types accepted include the following:





If you have any questions about our Finite Element Analysis at Spires Engineering Consultancy? Please call one of our engineers now +44(0)1865 910296 or send us an email by clicking here.