Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Organisation

Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Organisation

The use of a Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Organisation (CAMO) is an important part of any aircraft’s life cycle, where essential maintenance and checks are carried out to ensure your aircraft is safe to fly and meets the requirements of airworthiness. It is essential for any aircraft that their certificate of airworthiness is kept intact in order.

What is the need for CAMO services?

There are many documents and requirements that need to be met in order to keep an aircraft in good condition to fly, at Spires we offer support that enables us to ensure all our customer’s aircraft are taken care so the owners and lessors can sit back and enjoy their aircraft.

As a Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Organisation company we look to:

  • Forecasting planned maintenance work
  • Liaisons with authorities on behalf of an aircraft owner
  • Finding solutions using OEM’s
  • Assessing Airworthiness
  • Performing on-site aircraft surveys and record audits

The above ensures that owners are safe and in the knowledge that their aircraft can be used as much as they like outside of maintenance downtime.

With 20 years of experience within Continuous Airworthiness Management Spires is able to not only organise your aircraft but ensure they are well maintained to guarantee your aircraft’s life span and safety.

Our CAMO services follow all necessary protocols, including EASA Part M Subpart G approvals. Spires CAMO go hand in hand with our Assets Management Services, where we aim to act as the eyes and ears for an aircraft owner or lender to know the exact status of your aircraft.

Call Spires in the UK 01865 910296 or USA 001 612 638 2920 to discuss your Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance requirements worldwide.



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