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Our extensive set of maintenance management solutions has more than 20 years of experience within Continuous Airworthiness Management.  We provide the following services:

• Total Aircraft Technical Administration
• Aircraft Technical Records Management.
• Review and Monitoring Of Airworthiness Directive Compliance.
• Review and Monitoring Of Service Bulletin Compliance.
• Damage Assessment And Repair reports.
• Hard Time Component Replacements monitoring.
• Serialized Component Replacements monitoring.
• Approved Aircraft Maintenance Program Development and Administration.
• Maintain Aircraft Reliability Reports.
• Line And Base Maintenance Work Packs And Task Cards IAW AMP .
• Aircraft Technical Records Management.
• Scanning Of Technical Records

In addition we can support Continuing Airworthiness Management of Aircraft In Storage and Continuing Airworthiness Management as Part of a Turnkey Solution.
The impact upon Aircraft Lessor’s of the requirements of Part M regulations is that subsequent to the handback of an aircraft from an Operator based within EASA’s
jurisdiction and prior to the delivery of the aircraft to another Operator who is also based within EASA’s jurisdiction, in other words during the Lease Transition period, the
airworthiness of the aircraft has to be managed by an EASA Part M Sub Part G Approved Continuing Airworthiness Management organization.

Through our CAMO Partner we can support you throughout this.Airworthiness Review Services We are able to offer Airworthiness Reviews as part of a standalone or integrated
solution EASA Part M requires that all aircraft have an Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC) maintained at all times whilst the aircraft is registered within EASA’s jurisdiction. If your
aircraft remain in a controlled environment the requirement for a full ARC is set at 3 Years. As part of our commitment to offer a comprehensive Airworthiness Management service
to our customers and to keep pace with the changing regulatory environment, As well as dummy ARC’s and airworthiness inspections Our CAMO partner’s EASA.

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