Cabin Interior Design

Cabin Interior Design

Our capability is inclusive of Cabin interior design from Layout of Passenger Assembly (LOPA) to the new conceptual design of aircraft primary and secondary structural components. Our team of experienced CATIA V5 Designers, Stress and certification Engineers allows Spires to compete within the ever-growing competitive aerospace market, both within the UK and USA aerospace market.

We are able to support any operator and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that requires changes to be made to their aircraft and through our Part21 Subpart J approvals, Spires Engineering Consultancy is able to use the latest state of the CAD packages to achieve its goals. Therefore, any Engineering work packages that require minor or even major modification are supported by CATIA V5, AutoCAD, Nastran Patran, solid works, solid edge, and Abacus, allowing us to carry out CATIA 3D modeling, 2D CAD drafting, and Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

Our experience has allowed us to carry out modifications on Cabin configurations (LOPA), Gallies, Seating, Monuments, and storage boxes. This has been delivered through 3D CAD modeling, 2D CAD drafting, Finite Element analysis, which then has been signed off by our certification department.

Our In-house Research and Development team in collaboration with our international partners are developing a new state of the art seat for cabin crews allowing them to carry out their day to day activity whilst having the luxury and comfort of a seat that will allow them to see through a busy schedule.

Spires Engineering capability also supports other aspects of aerospace engineering, such as the conceptual design and certification of structural and composite components. Our capability has allowed us to develop through conceptual design both for primary and secondary structures, such as airlines, flaps, stringers ribs, flap track fairings and upper and lower skin of the wing. As part of the conceptual design, the full engineering cycle is carried out i.e. Initial Design Review, Preliminary Design Review and finally Critical design review.

The latest design involved the ‘design and build’ of a composite flap. The processes ensured spires team carried out a baseline study in order to identify current design and manufacturing processes utilized within the Aerospace industry. Having investigated these latest methods/processes a tolerance stack-up analysis study was performed with the view of initiating a ‘New design’ that improved weight, strength and the latest manufacturing capability.

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