Boeing 737 Max

Boeing 737 Max

In light of the recent events concerning the Boeing 737 Max, it felt right to write a piece on Boeing’s new aircraft.

The new 737 max is Boeings flagship model which will go head to head with the Airbus A320neo.

But what are the benefits of this new Boeing aircraft?

Firstly, the aircraft has a new design look to it, aiming for greater efficiency, boasting a 12-15% increase in efficiency. The new LEAP – 1B engine provides enough thrust whilst saving on fuel costs, making the 737 max an interesting topic. The CFM LEAP-1B engine also includes engineering advances including additive manufacturing, making the engine cheaper to produce, this, with a larger fan diameter increases efficiency greatly.

3D modelling/printing is another branch of Spires Engineering, where we use additive manufacturing in our projects as we look to innovate, much like what has been seen in the LEAP-1B engine. We are able to offer services and projects which look into making additive manufacturing a focal point for change.

Secondly, another big design change is the placement of those new engines, which are mounted higher and further forward on the wing. However, the new placement has caused a few issues relating to the pitch of the aircraft, which could lead to a stall. The design affects aerodynamic and structural performance.

Since Spires is an approved Part 21 subpart J company, we know a few things when it comes to design, as this is a blog, to find out more, surf through our website.

To counter this unwanted pitching, a new MCAS system (Manoeuvring Characteristics Argumentation System) was fitted. However, since then there have been a few unfortunate incidents regarding this.

Other modifications have seen the increased length to the nose wheel strut by 8 inches which also means an increase in seating capacity. A split winglet with fins pointing up and down which reduces weight by a less robust structure.

These structural changes are also within Spires capabilities, where we are able to implement structural changes and also look to modify and improve interior designs from more efficient seat to luxurious spaces.

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