1st March 2018


At Spires we offer the highest standards and have approvals in;

EASA Part 145(Avionics) (Approval no DE145.0025)

EASA Part 145 (Airframe/Power Plant)

EASA Part 145 C3/ C5/C6 (Workshop / Repair)

EASA Part 145 Authorised for Standard changes and Standard Repairs

EASA Part 21-G (Approval no DE.21G.0392) (in cooperation with

ABT PO– DE.21G.0300)

EASA Part 21-J (Approvals no EASA 21J.653 & EASA 21J.474) (in cooperation with

ABT DO– EASA 21J.228)

Minor & major design changes

Minor & major structure repairs