22nd September 2015

Spires Services


Spires Services at a Glance


Mechanical Design – No matter what sector your company operates in, Spires Engineering is able to deliver the right solution. Our design team can operate both on-site or remotely

Composites – Composite workbench in CATIA V5, we at Spires Engineering can offer the best in composite design, utilising the latest techniques available.

Analysis – We have strong knowledge and experience in FEA for Aero Structural Components and can transfer our skills to whatever sector your company operates in.

Prototyping – Offering the best in-house 3D Printing prototyping service allows ideas to be created quickly and as inexpensively as possible. Using this technology, prototypes can look and work the exact way they were intended to which gives you a real feel for the product.

Technical Publications – Spires Technical Publications Services mission is to provide Aerospace industries a widespread engineering service offerings to support their publication life cycle.  Spires Engineering provide end to end publication support for aerospace industries.