22nd July 2015

Spires Training


Spires Training

Spires Aerospace Engineering offers a customised Engineering program to support individuals who are wanting to seek a career within the Aerospace Industry as a Design or Stress analysis Engineer.

Spires Engineering’s 6 month program allows you to experience a full engineering life cycle from conceptual, definition and development phase. The work package is an aircraft structural part that will deploy industry design, stress and manufacturing methods and processes.

Below are the milestone that are required to be delivered as per the scope of work.

Kick-off Meeting
Initial Design Review
Preliminary Design Review
Critical Design Review
Final Design Review
First Article Inspection


Kick of Meeting:

Define the Scope of work and with respect to Spires’s methods and Process.

Initial Design Review:

Carry out a base line study with respect to the current design process and manufacturing activities

Preliminary Design Review:

A more detailed definition of the design is developed, with respect to material selection and customer requirements

Critical Design Review

Final Designs are reviewed against design spec and customer requirements.

On successful completion of the program, students may have the opportunity to be employed by spire’s in house engineering team or one of our esteemed aerospace partners

For further information contact us on info@spiresengineering.com

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